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SeetaTech and DLClass
Successful Cases

According to different types of users, SeetaTech provides different forms of face recognition techniques, including offline SDK, cloud services, and integrated software products.

  • Offline SDK
  • 1:1 and 1:N face recognition SDK, liveness verification SDK. Supports various terminal equipments and OS platforms.
China Telecom
  • Cloud Services
  • Supports Public and Private Cloud. China Telecom has implemented 1:1 cloud services in several provinces.
  • Face Recognition on Mobile Phones
  • Using SeetaTech’s face recognition techniques, the mobile phone shows messages and other private information only to the owner, while hiding from unregistered users.
  • Large-Scale Face Searching
  • SeetaTech’s face recognition technologies have landed in China’s passport check stations, Public Security Departments in over 15 provinces, and China’s large-scale face searching systems of 1.3 billion persons.

SeetaTech’s integration team delivers integrated solutions based on SeetaTech’s face recognition techniques.

Telecom Business Office and Notarial Office
  • ID Verification Machine
  • SeetaTech provided ID verification machines for telecom business offices and notarial offices, enabling them to verify customer’s ID online more effectively and efficiently.
Technology Companies
  • Entrance Control
  • SeetaTech provides entrance control solutions based on face recognition, which ensures the security and efficiency for the military industry enterprises.

Some Defense Industry Enterprise
  • UAV Cluster Coordination
  • SeetaTech provided UAV cluster coordination technology based on real time UAV vision.
Some Defense Industry Enterprise
  • Ground Target Detection and Recognition
  • SeetaTech’s UAV vision modules provide ground target detection and recognition techniques via high-resolution cameras implemented on UAVs.
Some Defense Industry Enterprise
  • Visual-Guidance Modules on Missiles
  • SeetaTech provides fine-grain image searching, enabling missiles to recognize and locate ground target.

Ping An Insurance Company
  • Face Recognition Industrial Solutions
  • Effective management of Billions of facial data, training and cross-platform deployment of large-scale facial models. Applications: 1:1 face ID verification, card-free entrance and blacklist monitoring.
Military industry enterprises
  • Military Computer Vision Solutions
  • Designed for military confidential data, SeetaTech’s own deep learning framework DRAGON is used to support computer vision techniques on airborne and missile-borne. Applications: UAV vision, visual-guided missiles
Self-Service Retail
  • SeetaTech’s SeeTaaS platform delivers an AI engine to recognize thousands of SKUs. The AI engine self-evolves during utilization. Through continuous data collection, automatic data labelling, and structured data storage, the AI engine will be fueled. Applications: visual recognition of multiple products in retail stores and the management of continuously collected visual data.
Intelligent Animal Farming
  • Using data collected from IoT terminals on dairy cattle, SeetaTech delivers AI models via SeeTaaS that can estimate the weight of each cattle, thus manage their growth and health.