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SeetaTech and DLClass
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SeetaTech is a general computer vision company with mature face recognition and UAV vision techniques. We devote to “Building a magic AI World” by enabling other companies AI capacities.
We are China’s national CV team with over 20 years’ expertise in computer vision, with core members from Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Our research has gained over tens of thousands of citations on Google Scholar and dozens of awards in international competitions in computer vision.
Join SeetaTech, you will have great opportunities to show your talent, and to lead the future of AI.
You can choose to work on deep learning – SeetaTech’s deep learning framework Dragon awaits your exploration.
You can choose to work on face recognition – SeetaTech’s open source engine SeetaFace awaits your contribution.
You can choose to work on UAV vision – SeetaTech’s UAV vision techniques are applied in military, industry, and entertainment.。
You can choose to …
Join us, to build a magic AI world together, in SeetaTech.