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SeetaTech and DLClass
Face Recognition
Face Detection
  • Supports all-posture real-time face detection.
Facial Landmark Positioning
  • Can precisely find out the position of more than 80 facial landmarks in the image such as eyes, noses, eyebrows and mouths in real time.
ID Verification
  • Can verify whether the ID photo matches the person at site.
Dynamic Face Detection
  • Can verify whether the people in the surveillance video is in the registered list
Large-Scale Face Searching
  • Can precisely and rapidly find out the best match in the registered library of hundreds of millions of faces.
Liveness Verification
  • Can automatically judge whether the face in the video belongs to a live person; prevents fake ID attacks.
Face Attribute Analysis
  • Can distinguish the gender, age, emotion, race, and accessories of the captured person
UAV Vision
Video Structural Analysis